RIP Seattle RIP Seattle America

My name is David W. Blomstrom, and I’m only half joking when I call myself Seattle’s only activist. If there were any other real activists, Seattle might not be such a shithole.

Mr. Skeptic

No Pollyanna, I say the things that need to be said, even if no one wants to hear them. How do you feel about our economy? With a national debt of more than $30 trillion, a bond crisis, and de-dollarization staring us in the face, even the Jews are having a hard time maintaining the big lie that we can solve all our problems by just printing more money, with no strings attached.

World War III? Amazingly, our senile pResident Jew Biden didn’t start it, but Donald Trump is almost certainly going to get re-(s)elected in 2024. How is it possible that our only choices are Biden and Trump?

Can we even handle another world war? We got our butt kicked in Vietnam and Afghanistan, and it looks like Ukraine is going to be another lesson in humility. On the positive side, Biden dispatched two aircraft carriers to the Middle East to help the Jews with their genocidal campaign against Palestinians. With millions of Americans wallowing in poverty and homelessness, we’re giving billions of dollars to those putrid Jews who can’t even fight their own wars.

Our little war with China isn’t going so great, either. In fact, that’s the good news, because China may be the only thing that can save us from ourselves. Unfortunately, even China may not score that high on environmental protection.

In fact, we’re so far gone, only a fool would tell you he can fix things. On the other hand, we can’t surrender all hope. We need people who are willing to fight the good fight, come Hell or high water.

I’m not remotely similar to the assholes who always get (s)elected, from Jay Inslee and Gary Locke to Biden, Trump, Obama, and on and on. However, stupid voters always choose to stick with business as usual (or the lesser of evils). As 2024 approaches, I’m trying to decide if I should run again. Between establishment corruption and public apathy and stupidity, what’s the point?

On a positive note, most of us survived the plandemic, and Bill Gates is drowning in an ever bigger pile of money. Isn’t that what the American dream is all about?

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