RIP Seattle RIP Seattle America

My name is David W. Blomstrom, and I’m only half joking when I call myself Seattle’s only activist. If there were any other real activists, Seattle might not be such a shithole.

Mr. Skeptic

No, I didn’t run for office this year (2024), but that’s OK. In 2020, there were a whopping three dozen candidates for Governor. This year, there were more than 40, though I believe a few dropped out or were disqualified.

At any rate, if you don’t like any of the establishment candidates (the leading Demopublicans), you have plenty of “alternative” shitheads to choose from (though most of them are actually working for the dark side as well).

In the meantime, I’ve made my mark. I’ve run for public office ten times, each time boldly speaking the truth, diverging wildly from the other candidates. Washington State voters consistently vote Democrat or Republican, giving us piece-of-shit governors like Gary Locke, Christine Gregoire, and Jay Inslee. Running for public office in Seattle is even worse. One recent Seattle Mayor, Ed Murray, resigned after it was disclosed that he is apparently a gay pedophile. Big surprise there, huh?

Who should you vote for? Should you vote at all?

I hate to tell people to not vote when they should be actively involved. Unfortunately, our elections are corrupt beyond belief. They’re run by the Jews, as is our entire government. It’s still a good idea to check out the candidates, looking for something worth voting for. However, over a period of more than two decades, I’ve only discovered one or two candidates in Washington State that I thought were really worth voting for.

As for Donald Trump vs “Genocide Joe” Biden . . . well, that just makes my point. They’re both incompetent, dysfunctional, corrupt, and deranged whores for the Jews.

Frankly, I think the U.S. has evolved into a house of cards that’s teetering on the edge of collapse, and that might actually be good for our country. Another possibility is World War III. Our government is desperately trying to provoke a war with China, a pretty stupid move when China’s navy is so much bigger than ours and is still growing at a much faster rate. If Biden or Trump started a war that resulted in half our navy being destroyed—not to mention the collapse of our economy and the loss of most of our allies—perhaps angry Americans would overthrow the government. Unfortunately, Americans are probably too stupid to come up with a good alternative.

Please don’t get the idea that I’m giving up. I have pretty much given up on “the American people,” but I will never stop fighting the good fight, even if I have to fight alone. I’m still publishing books, and I’m still expanding my websites, which are steadily gaining popularity.

Ironically, the Jews gave me the last laugh. When I first opened my eyes to Jewarchy (coining the word in the process) and began speaking out more than a decade ago, people started calling me “antisemitic,” Nazi, racist, and on and on. Then, in October 2023, Israel experienced what Benjamin Netanyahu called Israel’s 9/11. In other words, it was a false flag attack starring the Palestinian defense organization, Hamas.

Supported by millions of creepy Jews around the world, Israel ramped up its Palestinian genocide campaign—which the world has been ignoring for three quarters of a century. This time, however, things were different. The sheer insanity of a military assault against two million helpless civilians trapped in Gaza boggles the mind. Combined with the Jews’ trademark lies and unbelievably childish comments (“Jew hater!” “Anti-Semite!” “Holocaust denier!”), the Jews have given themselves an enormous black eye, alienating some of their staunchest allies in the process.

Not surprisingly, people are beginning to look at my books and websites in a new light, just as they’re looking at China—which supports the Palestinians—in a new light.

Unfortunately, China can’t help save Seattle’s public schools. Taxpayers give those bastards more money every levy cycle, and the corrupt assholes always claim to be broke. Now they’re talking about closing a quarter of Seattle’s public schools?!! At least one local media whore suggested one possible solution might be charter schools.

Bingo! That’s exactly what our mega-school closure is all about. It’s just another plot to force citizens to accept charter schools, which are being promoted by—take a wild guess—the Jews. If you don’t believe me, do some research on Eli Broad. That bastard recruited some of the thugs and pedophiles I spoke out against when I was a teacher. Of course, Bill Gates is a big charter school fan, too.

But why listen to me when it’s so much easier to graze with the flock?

Future historians will note that Americans did nothing to fix their country. They just waited for the whole rotten mess to collapse under its own weight, making it that much easier for China to shove America into obscurity.

My aging laptop was beginning to wear out, so I bought a new MacBook Pro. Not surprisingly, it’s awesome; for $5,000, how could it not be?

However, I’m celebrating, because it’s my last Apple laptop. Having upgraded from Microsoft to Apple two decades ago, I’m now ready to move on to a Chinese computing system. I’m planning on buying a Huawei Matebook X, upgrading to the latest Huawei smartphone at the same time. I’m also planning on investing my savings in China. Anyone who still buys U.S. government bonds is a moron.

In closing, I hope you enjoy this year’s (s)election, knowing that our next governor will be another asshole, and pResident Donald Trump will be even more outrageous than he was during his last four-year reign of terror. (Did you know that Trump has publicly stated his intention of torpedoing social security?)

On behalf of all the children who are screwed by conservatives and Seattle liberals alike, I just want to say it’s been great fun watching Seattle sink ever deeper into a sewer of its own making. How fitting that the kinky movie 50 Shades of Gray was set in Seattle but shot in Vancouver, Washington.

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