Thanks to the Jew-controlled media, I’m the most invisible activist/political candidate you’ve never seen, even though I have more to say than all the fucktards in Seattle combined. Just explore my books and websites, beginning with the links on the right.

Mr. Skeptic

While working for the Seattle School District I became the district’s biggest whistle-blower and reformer ever. I went on to run for public office ten times, including two bids for the office of state Governor (2016 and 2020).

During Campaign 2016, I inserted a word I coined—Jewarchy—into my statement in the Voters Pamphlet. Of course, the Jews who control Washington State didn’t like that. When they realized they couldn’t prevent me from running again in 2020, they flooded the ballot with a staggering three dozen gubernatorial candidates.

Crowded Ballot

With a mob of media whores taking their usual cheap potshots, I thought that would be my worst campaign ever. Things got still worse when I mailed out postcards plugging a book about the coronavirus pandemic I wrote—Jew Flu: The Coronavirus Conspiracy. I purchased an ad in a series of newspapers in Eastern Washington, but the ads were deleted after the company managing the papers was threatened by the Jews. It was then discovered that I had unwittingly run afoul of the often confusing camapaign laws.

Media whore Jim Camden, a sleazy con man named Glenn Morgan, and a Jewish whore in Bellingham ganged up on me, collectively filing complaints with the state Attorney General and Public Disclosure Commission and trashing me in the media.

Creepy Trio
Left to right: Which one is creepier, Glenn Morgan, Goodspaceguy, or Jim Camden?

However, I turned the tables and had the last laugh. (You can read all about what may have been the highlight of Campaign 2020 here.) For me, Campaign 2020 was my best ever.

Still, it was a hollow victory. Seattle remains a city run by Jews, gay pedophiles, and shallow yuppies. Seattle’s teachers and parents are just as clueless and apathetic as ever, and the city still looks like a sewer, covered with garbage, broken windows, graffiti, and homeless people. The entire country is spiraling downward into one big shithole in debt to the Jews. (Our national debt is now more than $30 TRILLION.)

On balance, life is indeed a bitch, but I am proud of the fact that I at least fought back, and I was pretty much alone the whole time. And I’m not finished. Check out KPowBooks.com and my list of websites at www.geobop.com/sites.

I have nothing but contempt for those world famous Seattle liberals, most of whom are clueless, apathetic shitheads. (Are they just closet right-wingers?) Most of the intelligent people I meet seem to hail from other countries, notably in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Africa, and Asia.

This site is dedicated to the students who I regarded as my own children, many of whom were abandoned by their own teachers and even parents. It’s also dedicated to people who have the capacity for rational thought and an appreciation of morality and empathy.

In the spirit of Adolf Hitler, Che Guevara, Muammar Gaddafi, Sisyphus, and all the other great thinkers and doers snubbed by Seattle liberals in favor of that Jewish jackass Bernie Sanders and the phony socialist Kshama Sawant, Viva the revolution!

P.S. I’m glad to see so many Seattleites are still wearing their masks. 😉

Timely Books
I have lots to say about China, conspiracy, and Jews.
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